Swappie | Feel and taste different cultures

Share your culture. Experience others.

Swappie is a cultural gift exchange platform where people from around the world can connect to share their cultures with each other. Get a fun surprise box from a distant land, and send one of your own. Join Swappie!

Get a taste of other cultures

Learning about other cultures is always exciting, but to really get to know another culture, you need to experience it for yourself. And no one knows their culture better than locals, so who better to send you a carefully chosen gift? With Swappie, you can experience someone else's culture in your own home.

Share your culture with the world

Are you proud of your local culture? We are! We believe that understanding other cultures makes the world a better place. Whether it's your national symbol or just one of your favorite things, this is your chance to help someone else experience your home in theirs.

The world is full of happy surprises

It's a fact that people loved to be surprised. The excitement of unpacking a gift that traveled around the world just for you will surely put a smile on your face. That a stranger took the time to share that experience with you makes it even more meaningful.